because standing out has never been harder

We strive to help you relate and engage with the human beings behind the organisation you are selling to: the decision makers with tough objectives and competing demands on their time and energy.

To do this, we provide you with immediately actionable insights, tailored to the way you market and sell. No additional analysis required to make sense of them.

We can do this because of the variety and nature of methods we employ; overseen by programme leads who have walked in your shoes and know what gold dust looks.

That’s why fresheye will help you look and feel like an insider.

Actionable insight graph

Shall I tell you what it felt like, it felt like we already knew them and they said they had met 9 other vendors but none of them were as well informed as us. It got us off to a great start. I think you guys are brilliant at what you do.

New Account Director


Understanding the new B2B customer is the foundation for B2B marketing today. (Deloitte)

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