profile a target market

By the end of the profile consultation you will have the actionable insights you need to move forward with your plans.

These are designed for when you have:

  • A desire to enter a new market or geography
  • An approach to the market/target list you want to validate or prioritise
  • A need for targeted analysis and what this could mean for your organisation
  • An industry marketing approach or campaign you want to implement, perhaps as part of your ABM programme

Insights delivered:

  • Market sub-segments: the priority market segments most likely to buy your service
  • Customer and market trends and drivers
  • The focus organisations within each segment likely to buy your services
  • Industry ABM marketing profiles include:
    • Industry context
    • Industry challenges your organisation can support with
    • Proposition plays
    • Key movers and shakers (from industry bodies to key opinion leaders)
    • Relationship/speaking opportunities
    • Recommendations on vertical marketing activities

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