profile an organisation

By the end of the profile consultation you will know exactly what to do next with this account and how to go about it most effectively to achieve your goals.

They are designed for when you are tasked with:

  • A new account to sell into
  • A strategic/investment account or ABM strategy
  • A new sales lead or account team needing a jumpstart with an account
  • You want to verify an existing strategy or find opportunities for a new one

Insights delivered:

  • A full picture of the account and its position in the industry it’s in
  • Decision makers and what is on their minds
  • The organisation’s needs and opportunities for your offers
  • Conversations to take to the decision makers
  • Recommendations on sales and marketing actions to engage the organisation
  • Messaging for marketing and bids

To get the competitve edge, our profiles of competitors will give you the inside track you need.


82% of business customers would pay more for a great experience. (Salesforce Survey, 2019)

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