profile an individual

By the end of the profile consultation you will know exactly how to develop rapid rapport with the stakeholder you want to engage with.

These profiles are designed for when:

  • You have a bid or proposal on the table that’s too important to lose
  • Changes in client decision makers have disrupted your plans
  • A new sales lead or executive within your organisation needs to better understand a specific key contact

Our individual, personalised insights deliver:

  • Job history, recognised skills, reputation through their career, reasons for leaving or joining organisations, promotion history and elements of their current role that they enjoy or may be struggling in
  • Personal background: age, home, immediate family, personal hobbies and pasttimes, holidays, outside interests or businesses and social media habits
  • Personality and communication preferences: direct evidence or inferences of personality traits, personal values, ethics and drivers. Where possible we estimate Myers Briggs preferences – how the individual makes decisions – and NLP – which gives you the language patterns most likely to resonate with them
  • Things to consider when approaching the individual: including suggested contact strategy and do’s/don’ts in your engagements with the individual
  • Current contact details

If you need to know a business like an insider, then our profiles of organisations will give you the insights you need.


82% of business customers would pay more for a great experience. (Salesforce Survey, 2019)

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