profile your competitors

By the end of the profile consultation you will know exactly how to stand out from the competitors profiled. Your marketing, sales, product and recruitment strategies will have the edge.

They are designed for when you need to respond to:

  • Slowing growth rates or defending market share
  • Increasing numbers of lost bids in key regions
  • Talent going to competitors
  • New products to compete with or new market entrants causing you to think differently

Insights delivered:

  • Details on the competitor: strategy, plans, big bets, known issues, compelling events and fiscals
  • Characteristics of the competitor offering, including:
    • Geographic coverage and any vertical focus
    • Go-to market approach and commercials
    • Positioning and key messages
    • Customer service
  • Perceptions of the organisation(s) and other views held, including culture and churn
  • What customers, analysts and press are saying
  • How to respond: messages that can be used by sales, marketing, bid response, customer service and in recruitment strategies

For a broader range of insights, then our profiles of industries or target markets could fill the intelligence gap.


82% of business customers would pay more for a great experience. (Salesforce Survey, 2019)

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